VMP Basketball Academy coaches will abide by the following rules:

✔ 1.      I will treat you with respect and love
✔ 2.     I will be honest, truthful, and up-front about your
basketball skills and development.
✔ 3.      I will give you the best coaching and instruction to
improve your basketball skills.
✔ 4.   I know that your perception of our performance is always
the reality. For that reason, and others, your feedback is
essential to our continuing an awesome program.

VMP Basketball Academy thrives to provide boys and girls, no matter their

age, race, or

skill level, the opportunity to learn fundamentals, and be taught the game of
basketball. We know that basketball is an ideal venue to teach attributes such
as sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation, competition, self-confidence, and
teamwork. It is very important for fundamentals and sportsmanship to be
taught to young players, when they are still sponges to knowledge.